This page shows testimonials from MedhaJananam workshops and also other workshops based on the Organisms, Layers, Cycles and Dualities concepts of Foaum, under other initiatives: medhajananam.org, human4ce.com and ed4ward.org and grihastha.org.

You would see in the testimonials reference to the concept of Colors. It is a nick name for the concept of Layers. The nickname is so earned because the layers are color coded, for easy reference.

Kishore Kumar Sunkara
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February 23, 2012
Medha Jananam is built on the 4 ½ decades of continuous learning of ancient and contemporary scriptures and experience of Krishna garu. The mystical ideas in these scriptures are made simple and given in high concentrated potency to the participants in this workshop. This workshop makes one to understand self and others. During the course one can rediscover themselves.

The Indic thought , the five worlds, the top down and bottom approaches , Padma, Four Quadrants, three Gods, Pancha Kosas, the finite and infinite, the egg and chicken, Tat & Aum and the colours are some of the topics covered and the participants experience them rather than learning. Most of these are unique concepts and will not be found in any book or on the web.

The colors concept brings in humility in a person and accepts others as they are, their behavior and one’s own. These concepts cut across the whole society be it an individual, group of people, profession, work place, etc.,…

The passion of Krishna garu to give a better world to the next generation is imminent and clearly seen throughout the lectures. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and anyone who attends will be benefited.
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