This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Hema Bala
December 19, 2014
The ‘Know your child’ workshop is a 3-day workshop, which is delivered in a friendly atmosphere and at a crisp pace. The class is very interactive, making it a personal experience for most participants.

Though it is a know you child workshop, most of the ideas are geared towards developing better empathy towards our fellow beings – so it could be used to improve other relationships – including personal and professional relationships.

While I enjoyed the class, I would caution against expecting a silver bullet for being great parents. Parenting was, and will be, a complex and personal experience, and what each person may get out of this class will be different. It will help you open your mind to new possibilities and new ideas, and the related exchange of ideas is a healthy and helpful exercise.

I would like to thank Krishna Sir for his time and efforts, and for his patience with us. His efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank You!