This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Pravesh Kumar
May 16, 2012
When my friend (Peter) told me about Medha Jananam 5 day workshop, I just said YES w/o thinking much and thought I will learn something new rather than wasting time watching movies or eating/sleeping or shopping/outing with Friends.

And that, YES, has not only just changed the way I look at Life, it has "Ignited the Intellect", i.e., Since childhood there were so many questions in my head regarding life, why things are like this??, why am I like this???, is there anybody else who thinks the way i think??? and so on ... after attending Medha Jananam not only all those question were answered, but after that , "I KNOW MYSELF BETTER".

Concepts discussed in Medha Jananam, are phenomenal and thought provoking, which I could easily relate to everyday life. Delivery of the concepts is powerful, which has left a huge impression on me, it makes you think... and once understand .. you will be like "aha !". It has changed my thought process and I have more patience towards everything in Life, and more confidence in dealing with social, work and family life.

Most of the time, we spend time taking care of our body - from neck and down - good clothes, appearance, what we eat, but we need a Check-Up from Neck -Up ( Our brain - Our thought process, what we think about us and about others - we need to feed high quality information to our brain) and Medha Jananam is Premium Grade fuel to your brain.... recharge your self...

I wish I could explain how I felt after attending this workshop, but that would be like "trying to give you haircut over internet", you have to be there to feel it and experience it.