This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Durriya Nazli
April 20, 2012
It's been about two weeks since I attended the one day ‘Ignite the Intellect’ workshop and am really happy to say that the take-away from it is more than just the feel-good factor that normally accompanies attending such programs.

The ideas that Krishna shares stay with you and come to mind from time to time as you go about your daily routine; making you think just a little differently about yourself and the world and making you respond differently and positively to situations that previously annoyed/upset/baffled you. This to me is proof that this workshop works!

Consistent with the belief that when you need something earnestly enough, it finds its way to you, the workshop came my way when I was stuck with certain questions and am quite delighted so far with the answers that it has provided.