This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Vijay Madineni
March 9, 2012
When I first heard of Medhajananam from my friends, I decided to attend the workshop, but my expectation was low. We had six sessions of one day each and I still felt I had a lot to learn. The information I got from this workshop was way above my expectations. After completing the workshop, I understood many nuances of life. The sessions were very interactive and even me, an introvert, could interact freely with my fellow classmates.

The concept of colors was very interesting. Everybody who attends this class will be able to relate to the colors and agree that the colors session was the most enjoyable one. The concepts of the spiral of life and inheritance, acquiring and learning are very relevant to our lives. Everybody goes through these in their lives, be it individuals or organizations.

Another concept is Identity and Survival. Most of our actions or decisions are based on our identity and survival. The concept of muddy water and the lotus tells us that we should accept people as they are. I always use to hear that the word AUM was very important and it had lot of meaning to it. But I never got a right explanation nor had a good understanding. Krishna gaaru explained it in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner. Everything I do now is in an AUM.

I admire Krshnagaaru's passion for Medhajananam and the immense knowledge he has acquired. One of my teachers in school used to say that a great teacher is one who inspires. Krishnagaaru is an inspiring teacher. I thank him for teaching, inspiring and sharing his knowledge on life.