This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Ravi Mulukutla
March 5, 2012
The 1-day workshop is really phenomenal, enlightening, and certainly gives a great taste of Medha Jananam. All the topics were like flowers and at the end of the day became a beautiful garland. Mr Krishna Sarma’s narrative slides have tremendous information and immense depth. The session was highly interactive and thought provoking.

The life quadrant made me to understand why people among us are different how one can change to a higher level and get better. Three gods principle made me clear why the practices change over generations. Four urges gave a clear demonstration and stated the importance of Dharma, Ardha, Kaama and Moksha.

Krishna garu’s illustration and analogy to the beautiful 4 petal flower to understand the life is amazing. My sincere hope is to complete the full module and try my best to “ignite the intellect” and break the shell. I highly recommend to everyone to attend the 1-day workshop to taste the nectar.