This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Amit Qusba
June 15, 2011
Attending Medha Jananam workshop is definitely one of the most productive 8 hrs of the day, I have been awake. Fortunately, I came to know of this workshop from a pamphlet outside a library. Something in my heart told me to make it a point to attend it on the weekend. On my way to the workshop, I was apprehensive about its nature. I wondered whether it is going to be another abstract discourse about the great vedic philosophy and feel the oneness with the cosmic energy permeating this universe. To try and get out of the "Maya" that lord has created to keep us mortals busy. Basically, not to take life too seriously and just keep doing your karma and go with the flow. There would have been nothing wrong with that discourse too just that it would have been routine. To my pleasant surprise, it was nothing like that.

What I liked about our session was at the end of it, I got to appreciate the visualization system for the diversity in the nature of the people that Krishna Garu has come up with. I too had these ideas and thoughts in my mind but Krishna Garu has woven a rich tapestry of human instincts in this session. Clearly, he has put in years of effort and personal insights and experience from previous medha jananam graduates in his workshop. He gives due respect to your opinion and explains any apparent contradiction you might feel with your thought process or experience. Also interaction is bi-directional and you also learn from other graduates in the workshop. There is a constructive genial atmosphere in the workshop.

Medha jananam is a very positive experience and I would definitely recommend it to anybody.