This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Senganal Thirunavakarasu
March 21, 2011
It is just amazing how deep the ancient people have thought about and analyzed the realm of the mind and the spiritual. There is a lot of knowledge and wisdom in the ancient texts but is inaccessible without proper guidance from a guru. I thank Krishna for the painstaking work of collecting, interpreting so much information and refining it into a few essential ideas. He is a good teacher and is able to explain these abstract ideas in an intuitive and simple manner.

My biggest take away from the workshop is the fact that people (not just people, but ‘bhutas’ in general) have different personalities by nature. This is a simple idea and we kind of understand this intuitively. But the real kicker is how elegantly the multitude of personalities can be expressed using few core energies. I am now constantly thinking / analyzing about actions/reactions of myself and people around me and it is giving me a better insight into myself and others.

Medhajananam has provided me a framework that is elegant (appeals to me), logical (I can reason it out, and not just take it on faith), practical (I can implement and experiment) and is essentially a viewing glass to see/understand more clearly the black box that is the world. Of course, one should be careful to not force everything to conform to these ideas and get dogmatic about it. I believe that I have gotten a glimpse of an elegant way to understand and accept myself and the world around me. The ideas are simple but I think the depth is immense and it will take practice, patience and time to fully realize it as a natural part of my life.