This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Natraj Jaganmohan
April 3, 2011
Analogous to the four colors of people, I got 4 things out of Medha Jananam,

“Medha Jananam made me more Knowledgeable”
“Medha Jananam made me more Sensible”
“Medha Jananam made me more Conscious”
and “Medha Jananam made me more Happy”

Medha Jananam is certainly a well-planned combination of knowledge and intellect that is interactive, inspirational and fun !

I have attended workshops where I started with an open mind and came out with some knowledge. In Medha Jananam also, I entered with an open mind, gained knowledge but started to FEEL the difference! And I am still not out! The intellect that MR. Krishna Sharma has ignited is sure to grow unbounded.

Having some inherited knowledge from my past and the intuition that I am gaining in the present Medha Jananam has stirred my intellect for a better future and in my case the main part of my life.

I would like to add more points on the 4 aspects I got from Medha Jananam.

Firstly Knowledge: Why we have ups and downs in life? how to understand the big picture of life? Rich heritage Ancient India possed and of course the magic word “AUM” are certainly useful.

Secondly Sensibility: Understanding the nature of each gender, the prakriti and purusha and understanding the nature of people with Medha Jananam’s unique color technique certainly has made me more sensible.

Thirdly Consiousness: Besides understanding others, it is extremely feel-good that I understood myself better. Now I am certain what is happening inside and around me.

Lastly Happiness: Medha Jananam gave me excellent reasons to be happy and I have decided to be Happy!

The best thing about Medha Jananam is that it is for all kinds of people. The best thing I liked about Medha Jananam is that it really made me Happy !

At this juncture,

I am able to feel a difference in the same world where I was living for 22 years

I am able to appriciate and accept the peopel I have met and been meeting for 22 years

I am able to recognize the purpose of the things I learnt and been learning for 22 years

I am feeling very happy for the fact that I am capable of being so

May it be personal feelings or Ideas
May it be social aspects
May it be marital relationships
May it be Management skills
- Medha Jananam’s concepts have an approach that is easy to follow and sure to have a good result.

I certainly have some words on Krishna. Firstly I have great admiration for him. He is well read and well versed and his hard work in forming Medha Jananam all combined makes me adore him. My sincere thanks Krishna.

Also my thanks to Mrs. Krishna, Subash, Sunitha, Senganal, Sandeep and Chetan for sharing the class space with me and help me gain the intended knowledge of the program.

To conclude, in one sentence, if I am asked about my experience in Medha Jananam would be “I am Happy.”