This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Jayanthi Rajan
June 8, 2011
It has been a long time since I have spent 32 hours just for myself.

I am struggling to find adjectives to describe the philosophies and concepts I was exposed to at Medha Jananam. They were complex, yet simple. Complex, because the mind fails to comprehend the most obvious. Simple, because Krishnaji always managed to find practical day-to-day situations to explain empirical topics. What really got me was how well every scenario and example presented in the workshop modeled today’s society.

It is amazing that our scriptures described all of these things in great detail thousands of years ago. Medha Jananam is an absolute must for the ‘totally lost’ as well as the ‘know-it-all’s and ‘everyone in between’.

Last but not the least, I really enjoyed the camaraderie of all my fellow classmates.