This page shows testimonials from workshops and sessions conducted under the following initiatives of Foaum:


Sri Krishna Sudhamsu Kambhammettu
October 8, 2016
I attended the Nature Oriented Nurture workshop. The course is intended to help the audience (parents and teachers) understand the Nature (personality) of their kids and Nurture them accordingly. This is done by using Krishna Sarma’s very own concept of Colors that is built on the foundations laid by our Rishis in their description of varnas and panchakosas.

For folks who are tired of attending contentless “corporate personality development workshops” and brainwashing “spiritual courses”, this workshop can turn out to be a refreshingly pleasant experience. The reason for this is two-fold:

One, the concepts used are rich in content. While many other personality type indicators and psycho-analytic tools are arbitrarily built from sets of superficial empirical observations, the concept of Colors is based on a few fundational assumptions, including the concept of Pancha Kosas (five layers of human personality) Once these assumptions are in place all other behavioral traits (related to almost everything – like habits, hobbies, personal preferences, career preferences, spiritual preferences etc.,) follow as a matter of logical consequence. As Krishna Sarma puts it, this is like understanding all the material in this universe just by knowing the three atomic particles. This makes the theory simple, objective, and powerful.

Two, the content of the workshop is limited to giving the audience necessary tools to understand others and themselves better. Unnecessary/impractical fudae e.g. lessons on “living a happy life” are not given. This means one bears freedom and responsibility to use these tools to make his life and his surroundings better in his own way.

It is very clear that Krishna Sarma knows his subject a lot more in depth and breadth than what is required to be presented in the workshop. Evidently, he has the skills to teach and to connect with audiences of varied backgrounds. Three days of this workshop was not just sufficient for me to understand this fascinating subject to the degree that I want to.

The usefulness of this workshop was clearly apparent once I got back to work after the workshop. In daily interactions with various people at the workplace and at home, I could predict and understand their point of view much better than before. I found this useful, especially with new acquaintances. The fact that I can get to “map their personality” within few minutes into a normal conversation is simply amazing.

As I see, there is a lot more to learn, ponder and reflect. I’m looking forward to attending more of Medha Jananam/Foaum modules.