An in-depth workshop that gives insights into the uniqueness of each child - for teachers, parents and innovators, so that they can nurture the child according the unique nature of the child.

Duration: 4 days (32 hours).


This in-depth and foundational workshop takes you into the deep layers of the minds of children. It gives a model, that serves as a tool to gain insights into the uniqueness of each child. It helps teachers teach students better, parents help their children better and innovators develop better educational methods and educators create better educational systems.


Learning is not additive, it is multiplicative. Not everything that a child is exposed to or trained in, gets absorbed by the child. Every child is unique. Every child is different in what and how they absorb.

If you want to help children in the classroom as a teacher, or help your children at home as a parent, you need to understand your child's unique personality. You need to get a handle on the child's unique interests, unique strengths and also the struggles unique to each child as he or she grows up.

Further, in order to nurture a child, if it s not enough if you know the child's unique personality; you should know your own unique personality as well. You need to know what propels you to propel the child in a certain direction or the other. Only when you know both the child's unique personality and your own unique personality, you will be able to provide effective and meaningful guidance to the child. Nurtute, after all, is a thick, two-way, interactive, emotional collaboration.

This workshop teaches you a powerful model known as Foaum to understand the multiple layers of a human personality. It explains the source of unique strengths and struggles of a child. It explains how children see the world, and what they filter in and filter out, subconsciously. It helps you predict what they shine in, in their adult lives. It help you understand which child needs what kind of support in order to blosom in full.

This introductory workshop is useful for a broader audience than just teachers and parents. The model taught in this workshop is useful for educators, psychologists, innovators and whosoever has interest or stake or responsibility in nurturing a child, directly or indirectly.

The model of Foaum has various applications, beyond nurturing a child, from leadership development, to organizational development, to community development, to social development. This model, along with its various implications and applications is fully described in the upcoming book titled, Diversity Science: Study, Serve and Celebrate Human Diversity.

Workshops based on Foaum are being conducted in India and in USA since 2009. (See Testimonials).


This workshop is designed for K-12 teachers, parents with school-going children and educational innovators. Because of the intense nature of the workshop, the number of participants in this workshop are limited to a maximum of 16.