Krishna Sharma (2006)

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Foaum is born out of the curiosity and passion, rather than the training and profession of Krishna Sharma. Born in the in the village of Kavur, near Kotappakonda in Andhra Pradesh, India, Krishna Sharma is interested in human nature, cultures, systems since childhood.

Though he became a mathematician by training and information systems engineer and architect by profession, his interest in human nature, cultures and systems continued throughout his life. His interest led him to passionately study people, events, societies on one hand and the major works of psychology, sociology, philosophy from all civilizations, East and West, on the other hand. In addition, he has strong interest in physical sciences such as nuclear physics, astronomy, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, quantum theory, chemistry and in biological sciences such as molecular biology, genomics, theory of evolution, which uniquely enriched his perspective of his core areas of interest.

Between 2006 and 2009, Krishna Sharma consolidated his learnings, studies and ideas, which he pursued for over three decades by then, into a formal framework, which he called Framework of Aum, Aum being a Sanskrit word for 'everything'. Foaum is an abbreviation of Framework of Aum.

Krishna Sharma's interest in human nature, cultures and systems is not just theoretical. He is passionate about making contributions to make this world a better place. He wants Foaum to be simple and useful to the common man. He wants his findings and ideas help solve the macro- and micro-level problems that face the humanity. With this motto, he developed workshops for youth, parents, professionals, educators and corporations to educate them on the concepts of Foaum, and has been conducting them since 2009 under various initiatives, as follows:

The testimonials on this website indicate the value and usefulness of Foaum, in the words of people who learned the concepts of Foaum through the workshops conducted under these initiatives.