Framework of Aum
Human4ce Grihastha Medha Jananam Ed4ward

Foaum is an abbreviation for Framework of Aum. Aum is a Sanskrit term. It means everything. Mandukyopanishad defines it as everything that existed, that is existing and that is ever going to exist, plus anything that might not be beyond the dimension of time (भूतं भवद्भविष्यति सर्वमोङ्कार एव यच्चान्यत् त्रिकालातीतं तदप्योङ्कार एव).

Foaum is based on the profound concepts enunciated by the Ṛshis of ancient India, enriched and expanded with a few more concepts, that absorb the insights provided by the scientists of the modern times.

Foaum is a Framework of Everything, everything about life. It is about what is inside of us and about what is outside of us. It is about the static as well as dynamic view of life, what we are made of and what the environment, the societies, the living planet and the universe is made of. It is about the trajectory of human life, life of all organisms and life of the universe itself. It is about our interactions with our environment. It is about our desire for small things and yearning for the sublime and grand.

Foaum is a conceptual model that brings all of this into one single framework. Foaum is made up of three core concepts, Colors, Cycles and Dualities. Colors explains human diversity and human enterprise and also how it all fits into the diversity of other organisms. Cycles explains, using a single model, the trajectory of the life of humans, life of all other organisms and life of universe. Dualities explains how opposites form in the universe and how they get attracted to each other. This concept explains the most important dualities of human life, the male-female duality, and how it becomes the medium to manifest various dualities of the universe.

The purpose of this framework is not just to explain the complexity, but to derive guidelines on what to change and how to change, for the better. People constantly seek change. People always seek to make their lives better - more comfortable, more stable, more exciting, more fulfilling and more achieving. Also, in this process, people are called to make many choices and compromises, for which they look for guideposts. The clarity given by this framework aids in making those choices. It explains how the profound and the sublime manifests in the practical plane. And how the practical plane becomes a medium from which we can experience the profound and sublime. And how all of this plays a role in our unconscious choices and how the clarity can be used in making conscious choices.

Framework of Aum is not just about theoretical clarity. It is powerful and has many practical applications, from self-improvement, to family management, to education management, to corporate management, to social change, to philosophical advancements.

These applications are pursued by various initiatives in the form of workshops to train the people on these concepts and in the form of programs to effect change. Please visit the following websites for the various initiatives.